ToolTip Shortcode For Blogger

You can display images and text inside the tooltip

[tooltip url="" title="Tooltip with Image + Text"] Works Great Every Where!
Compatible with all modern Browsers which supports CSS3. You can customize it in different colours and add any HTML inside the DOM. Creating tooltips in Blogger was never that easy. [/tooltip]

or you can simply display it as text

[tooltip url="" title="Simple Tooltip"]Write anything here[/tooltip]

Image Shortcode For Blogger

You can now share images inside comments to show demos to your readers. [image url="" src=""/]

YouTube Shortcode For Blogger

Embed YouTube Video Player and Playlist anywhere you want!

Create CSS3 Buttons in Blogger using the Button Shortcode!

Create colorful buttons by simply typing button!

[button size="small" color="green"] Demo[/button] [button size="small" color="blue"] Download[/button] [button size="small" src=""]Default[/button] [button size="small" color="brown"]Brown[/button] [button size="small" color="red"]Red[/button] [button size="small" color="purple"]Purple[/button] [button size="small" color="black"]Black[/button] [button size="small" color="orange"]Orange[/button]

[button size="medium" rel="nofollow" src="" color="fb"] Like[/button] [button size="medium" color="blue"] Follow[/button] [button size="medium" color="red"] Follow[/button] [button size="medium" src=""]Default[/button] [button size="medium" color="green"]Green[/button] [button size="medium" color="brown"]Brown[/button] [button size="medium" color="purple"]Purple[/button] [button size="medium" color="black"]Black[/button]

[button size="medium" color="orange"]Orange[/button]

[button size="large" color="green"] Demo[/button] [button size="large" color="blue"] Download[/button] [button size="large" src=""]Default[/button] [button size="large" color="brown"]Brown[/button] [button size="large" color="red"]Red[/button] [button size="large" color="purple"]Purple[/button]

[button size="large" color="black"]Black[/button] [button size="large" color="orange"]Orange[/button]